Tuesday, 23 September 2014

About my last photo tutorial ….

…. well, I've tried the how to crochet a circle in a rectangle using more colours for one motif and the result is really eye catching…

…. and it seems to look at a different pattern, when comparing this new one with the original one …

So, tempted, I decided to crochet a couple more (!!!) using different colour combos ….

In this specific case, I've decided to change little things from the original version of the pattern, that is :

round 4 : each corner is characterised with chain 2 (no more chain 1)
round 5 : even in this round, every corner has a chain 2
round 6 : there are 13 SCs along the left side and othe 13 SCs along the right side
                only 1 DC in the second corner and only 1 DC in the fourth corner
round 7 : after the first 7 DCs of the top, crochet 1 DC in the top of the stitch, not in the corner
                in the second and the fourth corners, crochet just 1 DC (not 2)
                there are 13 DCs along the base and the first DC after these 13 is not in the corner, but in the
                top of the stitch

Then I crocheted the third one ….

For this yellow/grey version, I followed the "new" version of the pattern (as for the green one) and I decided to put an extra change : in fact, instead to work a chain 4 (just look here to understand where to make this slight variation), I decided to substitute it with a chain 3 !!!!
Another thing : this time I didn't use the chain 3 as the starting stitch at the beginning of all rounds, but I preferred to chain 1 and DC in the same stitch !

…. I think I've been quite exhaustive with this motif, but not exhausted !!!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Make it !!! Crochet a circle in a rectangle!!!!

Well, I need to crochet some flags (not big, for a bunting) for an upcoming event in school : International Day !!!! Being Italian, I have to think about a decoration good for all Europe, so I thought about some blue european flags….
No problem to crochet the flags : a rectangle is fast done with some single or double crochets, but the Europe flag has in its centre a circle made of stars….
So I started a research on Pinterest for a crochet pattern including both a circle and a rectangle, but no luck…. sigh! I found, instead, patterns for circles in squares….. Then, I decided to develop one of this patterns into a rectangle : I obtained what I needed !!!!
….. still need to think about the stars to embroider on my blue flags, but I think some little straight stitches will do !!!! ;oD


  • a hook : 4mm for my yarn. Choose the right hook for the yarn you intend to use for your   rectangles!!!
  • yarn : I've worked two strands together of this "royal" blue of MIRAGE, a 4 ply yarn from Elle yarns (100% acrylic) from South Africa. Each ball weighs 25g.
  • a pair of scissors
  • a yarn needle
  • a stitch marker (optional)
About the pattern that I've followed for the circle in a square, you can find it HERE. It's a brief photo tutorial written by Dorien (thank you!!!), who owns a blog named after herself : Just-Do. If you want, Dorien wrote even a tutorial for a bigger square : large circle in a square, tutorial.
I've followed the pattern/photo tutorial ( but I didn't use the magic ring : chained 4 and made a ring with a slip stitch in the first chain ) and these pics will show you my progress :

The first 5 rounds are done, but, as I told you before, I need a rectangle ….

…. to have the same one on the left in the above picture, I've added 2 extra rounds to Doriens' pattern : round 6 and 7 ! Note that : I follow US crochet terms and that, in this specific case, I don't change colours in my work, because my flags all have a blue background! Obviously, you can adapt the pattern for a colourful version, instead!!!
My photo tutorial starts from :


After the last slip stitch, used to close the last round (5th), you need to chain 3

then, crochet 1 DC into next 7 stitches (total : 7 DCs)

now 1 DC in the corner (2 DCs, chain1, 2 DCs of 5th round)

chain 1 

rotate to the right (90˙) your work

and crochet 2 SCs along the last DC you worked (the one in the corner)

add 1 SC in the first stitch you find (that is the top of the 3rd DC of the corner !)

and work 1 SC into the following 12 stitches (total : 12 SCs)

In the corner, crochet 1 SC

chain 4

and crochet 2 DCs in the same corner

then, crochet 1 DC into the following ( I skip the first DC of this side!) 12 stitches (total : 12 DCs)

add 1 DC in the next corner

chain 1

rotate to the right (90˙) your motif and work 2 SCs along the last DC done

and crochet 1 SC in the stitch of the corner

work 1 SC in the following 12 stitches (total : 12 SCs)

1 SC in the corner

chain 4

work 2 DCs in the same corner

crochet 1 DC in the following 4 stitches (I skip the first DC!) (total : 4 DCs)

make a slip stitch at the top of the initial chain 3

and this is what you have (on the right) compared with what you need to reach (on the left)

This is end of round 6 !


chain 3 to start the round

crochet 1 DC into the following 7 stitches (total : 7 DCs)

work 1 DC in the corner (kind of)

then crochet another DC in the space between the previous chain 1 and first sc of round 6

chain 1

rotate to the right (90˙) your motif and crochet 2 SCs along the last DC done

work 1 SC in the following 16 stitches (total : 16 SCs)

crochet 2 SCs around previous chain 4

chain 4

crochet 2 DCs in the corner

work 1 DC in the following ( I skip set first DC) 13 stitches (total : 13 DCs)

crochet 1 DC in the corner (kind of)

then another DC in the space between the previous chain 1 and SC

chain 1 and rotate to the right (90˙) your work

crochet 2 SCs along the last DC and crochet 1 SC in each following stitch (total : 2+16=18 SCs)

work 2 SCs around chain 4

chain 4

work 2 DCs into last corner

crochet 1 DC in the following (I skip the first DC) 5 stitches (total : 5 DCs)

work a slip stitch on the top of the chain 3 of the beginning of the last round : YOU DID IT !!!

round 7 is completed as your rectangle, too ….

…. next week, I will add the stars !!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

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