Sunday, 26 April 2015

Make it ! My Granny Patchwork Blanket !!!

Hi my Dears !!!!!
I'm here for a quick "Hello!" and just to say I'm fine and that last week we moved in the temporary flat…
I had to put away most of my yarns, but in the meantime I crocheted a little bit …. 2 mini blankets are right now off my hooks and a new little project is on the way…
I found some variegated yarns in my boxes and drawers and I decided to use them in a granny project…

… and this is what I came up with …

The yarns used were all bought in Jakarta, little by little, just after I learnt how to crochet…
I'm not a huge fan of variegated yarns, but sometimes is really good to try something different…
What I liked about working with this yarns was that I didn't have to change colours after each round of a granny : the yarn itself did this job for me !!!! Less ends to cut and trim : so relaxing!!! ;oD

The project was really quick to complete, as I was working with a 6mm hook and I decided to crochet just a lap blanket, to keep on the sofas …. we are in "winter" in this part of the world, right now!


…. Margot was very useful as a tester of the blanket to be !!!!


I worked 64 grannies (8x8) for this lap blanket (but I don't remember the dimensions of it, as all the notes are away in one of the boxes put in storage … sorry !) and I joined them with the join as you go method : you can find the one you prefer via Pinterest join as you go method or how to join granny squares ) or YouTube how to join granny squares or the join as you go method ).

Please note that I follow the US crochet terminology in my works.

Collect the hook and the chosen colour for the granny square : make a slip knot on your hook and chain 4 stitches, slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring.

round 1 : chain 1
repeat [ 3 double crochets + chain 3 ] 4 times
make a slip stitch in the top of the first DC (=double crochet) to complete the first round
(**)make 2 more slip stitches in the tops of the following DCs of the same shell and another slip stitch in the first corner you meet : now you are ready to start

round 2 : chain 1
repeat [ 3 DCs + chain 3 + 3 DCs and chain 1 ] 4 times
slip stitch in the top of the first DC to end the round
repeat (**) as in the first round : you can start, then

round 3 : chain 1
repeat [ 3 DCs + chain 3 + 3 DCs and chain 1,  3 DCs in chain-1 space, chain 1 ] 4 times
slip stitch in the top of the first DC to complete this round
repeat (**) as in the previous round, so you can crochet the last round

round 4 : chain 1
repeat [ 3 DCs + chain 3 + 3 DCs and chain 1, 3 DCs in chain-1 space + chain 1, 3 DCs in 2nd chain-1 space and chain 1] 4 times
slip stitch in the top of the first DC to close the round
make 2 slip stitches in the following DCs
cut yarn and fasten off; trim in the ends


After all the ends were trimmed and cut, I decided to keep my blanket very simple.
In fact, I just made a simple border all around : 1 round of single crochets !!! Easy peasy !!

To give some personality to the blanket I decided to add some fringes …

In the picture above you can have a glimpse of the thin border ( in dark grey ) and of the first fringes …

Each fringe is made of 6 strands of yarn, each measuring 15 cm, and they are positioned only in the chain-1 spaces ( none in the corners ) along the whole blanket, as you can see …

… and here it is , in all its beauty …

…. and some extras …

xxxx Alessandra

… btw, I really missed you all a lot and this little place of mine, too !!! ;oD

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Another gift and ...

The husband (and colleague of Paolo) of a dear friend of mine is arriving today in Maputo for a work meeting. He is bringing in his luggage lots of food for our kitty Margot, who needs a specific diet because of her thyroid problems …

So as a big thank you, I crocheted a colourful scarf for my dear friend (her husband, instead, will enjoy a homemade dinner by us!) …

I worked with a 4mm hook with some MERINO MIX by Katia and some WASH'n'WEAR from Sirdar.
The pattern (again!) is from a Japanese crochet book (shown in pictures) and the pattern is #19 !


…. and then some news …
We have to move in a new flat in a couple of weeks……
…. so I'm packing again….. not nice, I tell you …. even because we are moving in a temporary apartment, that is furnished…. so our furniture has to be stored in another place, while we'll have some luggages with stuff good until the end of June …. after that, another move in the final destination…
I"M TIRED !!!!

Not happy with a lots of things around here…..
Even the continuous black outs and internet problems (my daily routine)….

All that to say that you will not hear from me for a while…. sigh….
…. and I'm not sure if homemade@myplace has any future here in Mozambique….

At the moment I don't have the time or the right concentration to write on my little blog….
I don't know what to say….

I love you all and thank you !!!!
I hope to ….

P.S. : the custom at the airport has confiscated all the food for Margot …. I have no words left… some tears, yes ...

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Make it ! Mini Bags to hang on the Easter Tree (… and fill them with little chocolate eggs!) !!!

… In few weeks The Easter Bunny will come hopping and with a huge amount of chocolate …. at least I really hope so!!!!

And I will be ready !!!! Some colourful mini bags are already hanging from my Easter Tree …

… with some other dangling things (eggs, bunnies and chicks!)


  •  hook (I've used a 5mm one)
  • some colourful yarn (I decided to have a go with some acrylics from Indonesia!) 
  • scissors
  • yarn needle
  • a couple of stitch markers

These are the first colours combo I chose from the above drawer …

Please remember I follow the US crochet terminology! ;oD

Collect your hook, make a slip knot on it and chain 4.  Insert the hook in the first chain made and make a ring.


Chain 1 and work 12 double crochets (=DCs) into the ring. Slip stitch  in the top of the first DC, cut the yarn and fasten off.


Pick the new colour, make a slip knot on the hook.
Insert the tip of the hook in any space between 2 DCs and join the new yarn making a single crochet (=SC). Work 2 DCs in each space. At the end of the round you will have 12 shells of 2 DCs each.
Close the round with a slip stitch in the top of the first DC, cut the yarn and fasten off.


Collect another colour and make a slip knot on your hook.
Insert the hook in any space between 2 shells and make a SC to join the new yarn.
Crochet 3 DCs in each space of the circle : you will complete the round with 12 shells of 3 DCs each.
Make a slip stitch in the top of the first DC, cut the yarn and fasten off.


It's the last one, too!
Pick the last colour chosen for your combo and make a slip knot on the hook.
Insert the hook in any space between 2 shells of 3 DCs and crochet 1 SC to join.
In this space work 3 DCs + chain 1. Repeat this in the following 11 spaces.
When completed the last shell+chain 1, make a slip stitch in the top of the first DC, cut the yarn and fasten off.
Trim in all the ends. 

Using a different colour combo …

…  to have a mini bag, you need 2 circles!!!

So, you have to crochet a matching one, but stop at the end of the 3rd round …

… and put the 2 motifs back to back, one on the top of the other …

… and decide how much wide you need the opening of your mini bag to be. I decided to keep it "3 shells wide" and I put 2 stitch markers to easily remember that, in the chain-1 spaces just before and after the 3 shells …

back view
front view

… then, you can start to crochet the last round of your second circle (make a slip knot on the hook with the yarn, insert the hook in any space of the circle, make a SC ) : work 3 shells of 3 DCs each, but don't crochet the third chain 1, because you have to start to join the 2 circles together …

In fact, after inserting the hook in the chain-1 space with the stitch marker on the left (see picture "back view") of the first circle

wrap the yarn around the hook, pull it back, so that you can make a slip stitch  to join the circles …

and after that, you can crochet another 3DCs shell : wrap the yarn around the hook and insert it from the front of the second circle into the chain-1 space and crochet 3DCs…

Remember not to crochet any chain-1 space, but just make a slip stitch for every join !
When the last shell is done, we can think about the last join …

… that is your last slip stitch, to be made in the chain-1 space where we have the other stitch marker!
Cut the yarn and fasten off …

… Now we have to crochet the last piece : the handle !
The handle has to be attached in the chain-1 spaces at the sides of the opening of the mini bag …

Collect a new contrasting colour and make a slip knot on the hook and crochet a SC in the selected chain-1 space, chain 30, and …

… attach the handle at the other chain-1 space ("0" in the above pic, on the left) and return back , by crocheting a slip stitch in each chain since you reach the begin of the handle. cut the yarn, fasten off and make a nice little bow, cutting then the excess of yarn …

So, what do you think ???

Remember : more mini bags, more chocolate eggs !!!! ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra

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