Monday, 8 February 2016

Make it ! The Cheeky Monkey Heart !!!

I made a first try crocheting this funny heart one year ago, but I was not happy with my attempts, so I left it in a corner of a drawer, where I collect all my crochet ideas and patterns ... they are so many, that I could write more than one book with all them!!! ;oD

Last week, I told myself to try again and crochet a better heart and during the weekend I DID IT !!!
So now I'm going to share with you my new Valentine's Day pattern :

... named the "CHEEKY MONKEY HEART" as you can point out a monkey face in it (or not?)!!!

Before starting to crochet this decorative heart, you need to gather :
  • some yarn (minimum 2 different colours), any kind or weight
  • crochet hook, size according to the type of chosen yarn
  • a pair of scissors
  • yarn needle
  • stitch markers (optional)
Please remember that I follow the US crochet terminology, thank you !!!

To start this project, you have to choose first the colour for the inner part of the heart, as we will start crocheting the 3 circles : I've been working with a 5,5mm hook and some grey yarn (acrylic from Indonesia).

Make a slip knot on your hook and chain 4, then insert the tip of the hook in the first chain made to form a ring. Chain 2 and work 12 double crochet (=DC) into the ring. Close this first round with a slip stitch in the top of the first DC done :

The second round is done as follows : chain 2 + 2 DC in same stitch and then 2 DC in each following stitch, so that you will end with a total of 24 DC. Close this round with a slip stitch in the top of the first DC, cut yarn (leaving a long tail) and fasten off :

This first circle will find it's place in the top left part of your heart!

Now start the second circle and complete the first round, as before :

Starting the second round of the second circle you are even going to start the join between the two circles (five stitches are involved). In fact, just after the chain 2 you'll crochet the first DC in the same stitch, but stop when the first half is done : at this point, insert the tip of your hook under the first DC (see the above picture for the stitches notation!) :

and wrap once the yarn around your hook and pull it through the stitch of the first circle (you'll have a loop)

and pull this loop through the two loops of the second half of your first DC to be completed

First DC and join done !!!
Repeat the same process for the following 4 DC, remembering that you are working the second round of a DC circle : 2 DC in each stitch!!
you'll have something like the following :

The 6th stitch shown in the above picture is part of the same stitch as the 5th one, but it's not joined to the first circle!

You can complete the second circle as usual and after the closing slip stitch, cut yarn (leaving a long tail) and fasten off :

The second circle will overlap the first one and it is located on the top right of your heart!

Start the third (and last!) circle. After the first round is done, you will join it to both the previous circles, as done between the first and second. The first 6DC of the third circle will join 3 DC on the second circle (first) and then 3 DC on the first circle. These DC are the ones included between the two stitch markers in the below picture:

So, after you've joined these stitches

you can complete the third circle (slip stitch, cut yarn and fasten off), which will overlap the other two and turn upside down the motif created

At this point, you have to change the colour to crochet the edge of the heart. The third circle can be divided into two groups of nine stitches each and you'll start to crochet on the top of the left side of the circle. In This first stitch you will join the new yarn and chain 3, then you'll make your first treble (=Tr) in the same stitch :

and so you can follow this pattern for the next 8 stitches :

  • Tr
  • hTr (half treble)
  • DC
  • DC
  • DC
  • hTr
  • Tr
  • double treble (wrap yarn around hook 3 times)
and you'll see something like this along the side of the third circle

Continue to crochet, this time on the side of the second circle, the following pattern :
  • triple treble (wrap yarn around hook 4 times)
  • double treble
  • Tr
  • Tr
  • hTr
  • DC
  • hDC (half double crochet)
  • hDC
  • hDC
  • hDC
  • DC
  • DC
  • DC
  • hDC
  • hDC
  • SC (single crochet)
  • SC
.... and the right side of the heart is done ....

You have to repeat the same patterns (symmetry is required!) on the left side of your heart, reading both patterns from the bottom to the top, this time !!!

To close the edge, just make a slip stitch in the top of the first treble!
You can even decide if to keep or not a long tail : I've used it (after chaining 5 stitches) to attach a little tassel ! ;oD

If you knot together the tails left at the end of both circle 1 and 2 you can make a loop to hang your cheeky monkey heart ...

the mini tassel was made just wrapping some red yarn around my fingers (20 times) !!

Different yarns and  colours combo make a difference :

Have fun and make a lot of these hearts even for a lovely bunting !!!!


.... it seems it was a good idea to leave this pattern in a drawer for the right year and moment!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Friday, 5 February 2016

Make it ! Knitted triangular scarf !!!

Last December, I saw a very simple and cute scarf knitted by Angie (le monde de sucrette) and I thought to knit one for me, too, but then I was busy with the gifts to prepare for family and friends back in Italy .... so nothing was done for me!!!
Luckily, some days ago, while browsing through my blogs list, I found a post from Ilaria (IDA interior lifestyle), who was proposing the same (she added a pompom!) piece of clothing .... I didn't have any excuse to wait longer for knitting my own triangular scarf!!!! ;oD

So, I started ....

Do you want to start one, too ???
Well, you need :
  • some yarn ! My personal choice was : Lana Grossa Basics Calmo (59% acrylic, 24% cotton and 17% linen), shade 207. All my 4 balls of yarn (50g each) have been used for this project. Then 2 balls (50g each) from Rowan Classic Cotton Jeans Yarn (100% cotton), shade 365-Sierra, for both stripes and tassels!
  • a pair of 4,5mm  knitting circular needles or, if you prefer, a pair of long straight needles, as you'll have at least 205 stitches on them at the end (or more if you like to knit on!)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a couple of hooks (optional), 4mm and 4,5mm. I needed them for the "crochet cast-off" method (look here) and for joining the tassels to the corners of the scarf.
  • a yarn needle
  • a tape measure (optional)
My pattern is based on the one given by Angie (my trendy chale), so I'll start, too, from the point with 3 stitches, while Ilaria (This is not a pattern) gave me the idea to embellish my scarf with some tassels (she used, instead, an ochre yellow pompom!). I put some stripes in my scarf just to not get bored while knitting and I love the result! ;oD

I used the LONG TAIL CAST ON method (here) on two knitting needles and I put on 3 stitches.

My first row is like : slip first stitch from left needle onto right needle
                                  knit one
                                  Kfb (knit into front and back of stitch), that is the way to increase and create an
                                  extra stitch

This pattern is very simple! At the beginning of each row you have to slip the first stitch from one needle to another, without working it. The stitches in between the first stitch and the last stitch need to be knitted (garter stitch), while the last stitch of every row is the one you use to increase the number of your stitches, just adding an extra stitch!

So, for the following rows, just follow : slip first stitch, knit the stitches in between, increase in the last stitch !!!!

Little by little, your triangle will get bigger and bigger ...

A little recap :
at the end of first row, you'll have 4 stitches ...
at the end of row 7 : 10 stitches
at the end of row 10 : 13 stitches
at the end of row 17 : 20 stitches
at the end of row 20 : 23 stitches
at the end of row 27 : 30 stitches
at the end of row 30 : 33 stitches
at the end of row 37 : 40 stitches
at the end of row 40 : 43 stitches
.... and so on !!!! (at the end of row 97 : 100 stitches!!!)

I've decided to introduce the new colour (sierra, see in above list) at the beginning of row 98, where I start the pattern made of stripes. Do not cut the first yarn, as it will be used in the between of the stripes !!! ;oD

If you are interested in how to join the new yarn, just look here !!!

After some rows, it will be like this ...

and the pattern to follow, if you like, is the following :

rows 98 and 99 : red
rows 100 and 101 : blue
rows 102 and 103 : red
rows 104 and 105 : blue
rows 106 and 107 : red

Then you start enlarging the red stripes (4 rows instead of just 2):

rows 108 and 111 : blue
rows 112 and 115 : red
rows 116 and 119 : blue
rows 120 and 123 : red
rows 124 and 127 : blue
rows 128 and 131 : red
rows 132 and 135 : blue

to complete the stripy pattern, just go back to the two stripes repeat :

rows 136 and 137 : red
rows 138 and 139 : blue
rows 140 and 141 : red
rows 142 and 143 : blue
rows 144 and 145 : red

After that, you can cut the red yarn and continue to the end just with the blue one!

My knitting ended at row 202 (205 stitches), as my yarn finished ..... luckily, I reached a good dimension for my scarf (91cmx53cm, where 53 stands for the height), so I can wear it!! ;oD

For the cast off, I went for the crochet cast-off method (here), as it doesn't need any extra yarn!!
So I used my 4mm hook and I obtained a very neat edge

Then, I started to trim in all the tails ...

Last thing, the tassels (3), one for each corner of the scarf ..

The tassels were simply made just wrapping 20 times the yarn around my palm (you can use even cardstock if you prefer!) (see here).

To attach each tassel, I used a 4,5mm hook and some red yarn : Starting with a SC (single crochet in US crochet terminology), I attached the yarn to the corner and then I crocheted 10 chains, cut the yarn and fasten off. Each tassel has been attached with a couple of knots to this braid (braid = 14 cm length, while the tassel is 9cm long).

So, this is what I got ...

.... and on me ....

.... a really happy me !!!! ;o)))))

What about you????

xxxx Alessandra and have a HAPPY WEEKEND !!!

.... and a BIG THANK YOU to both Angie and Ilaria!!!! SMACK !!!

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